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Highgate Parents & Friends

Connecting our community

The Highgate Parents & Friends Committee (P&F) exists to bring families together across the school. We meet twice a term and are responsible for concepting and coordinating activities, such as:

  • Welcoming new parents to the school
  • Speaking at Reception transition visits
  • Mother & Father’s Day breakfast/lunch
  • Supporting World Teachers Day
  • Centenary Dinner (2023)
  • Centenary jumpers (2023)
  • Movie Night
  • Quiz night

We also play a role in communicating with parent class representatives to ensure that school-wide initiatives are being promoted at a classroom level, and to encourage class-based and year-level catch-ups. Learn more about the role of a Class Representative.

The secondary objective of the P&F is fundraising. Fundraising goals are reviewed on an annual basis, and are set at the discretion of the committee, based on the needs of the school and its community. We are pleased that our initiatives can contribute additional resources for the school, and opportunities for our children.

If you would like to learn more about the P&F, inquire about becoming a Committee member, or volunteer for certain events, Email