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Eco Schools (including Recycling)

At Highgate School, we encourage nude food (or food without un-necessary wrapping). We are not able to recycle soft plastic waste and therefore seek to reduce the amount brought to school.

We regularly recycle the following items:

  • paper and cardboard
  • batteries
  • compost
  • mobile phones
  • bread tags

One of our families supports us to recycle rubber soled footwear and from time to time, we have an e-waste bin at school, provided by another family. From time to time, we donate excess library books.

Finally, we are committed to avoid un-necessary wastage of school resources that can be used in the following school year; seeking also to avoid laminating and reducing paper usage wherever possible.

In 2023, we have students who will be leading our Eco-Schools initiative in collaboration with Governing Council, volunteer parents and school staff.