19th May 2023

Highgate Happenings 19/05/2023

Whole School News

2022 Flood Donations

Special thanks to everyone who donated so generously after our school was flooded last year. Although it has taken a while to get everything organised, our leaf mosaics have arrived and are ready for installation and the tree chosen by the Ryan family now acknowledges their support (outside the new EY building). The named brick pavers are still in preparation and will be laid when the new pathways go in around the oval.

A few people have asked whether they can still support/donate and we will consider some of these options as annual orders going forward. In the meantime, tax time is almost upon us and parents wishing to make tax deductible donations can do so through our Building Fund – please contact the Front Office for further information.

Staffing Update

We will soon be wishing Britt all the best as she leaves us to have her second baby. Hayley Gladigau will be returning to Highgate after several years at other sites, taking Britt’s classes from week 7 onwards. Hayley and Britt will work together in handover over the next few weeks.

Walk To School Friday

It was great to see lots of students walking to school today – we didn’t enjoy the weather, but we did enjoy the delicious fruit generously provided by Woolworths Arkaba.

Upcoming Events

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Author Visit postponed

Our author visit next week has been postponed due to family bereavement. This has been re-scheduled for 6th and 7th June 2023.

Existing payments and consents will be transferred across.


Visiting the Brickworks at 8:15am on Thursday morning next week. Hope to see you there!

Working Bee – Sat 24/6/23

Learning at Highgate

PYP Program Development Update

Collaboration and the PYP

Collaboration is a key component of all IB programs and the IB mission to connect a community of learners across the world, who “share a belief that education can help to build a etter and more peaceful world” (A PYP learning community, 2020). Education is viewed as a social endeavour, which has benefits for all individuals as well as communities in general. As such, IB schools are inclusive teaching and learning spaces, where everyone contributes to learning. This includes family members, local skilled individuals and organisations and of course teachers, students and school leaders.

In the pursuit of this goal, at Highgate School, here are some of the ways we are building a collaborative culture:

  • Students collaborate with each other to share ideas, discuss strategies and designs, work on projects, evaluate and reflect on their learning. Students collaborate with teachers to design assessment tools, develop learning tasks and reflect on their learning.
  • Classroom teachers collaborate with specialist teachers and the library to develop units of inquiry which are rich, well-resourced and transdisciplinary, so teaching and
    learning in the classroom and in specialist subjects are connected and meaningful. Teachers and school leaders collaborate to develop school policies, procedures and events. This is achieved through staff meetings, pupil free days and other platforms for communication.
  • Teachers from other IB, PYP schools in South Australia collaborate to share ideas and resources. This is done online as well as through regular face to face meetings at
    different PYP schools.
  • Teachers and students collaborate with families and people from outside of school to learn specific skills, understand different perspectives, create things such as works
    of art and/or to further their understanding about specific concepts. This is done via excursions, incursions and extra-curricular activities.
  • Students and parents collaborate via our Student Learning Journeys, which were sent home earlier this term, inviting parents/guardians to view, discuss and provide feedback to students about their learning. If you haven’t provided feedback in your child(ren)’s Learning Journey yet, please do so and return it to school, so this term’s work can be added.

Week 5 in Highgate Happenings: Approaches to learning

We have lots of information about learning at Highgate on our website. Select the main menu button and then Learning. This section will include updates in future editions.

French Program News

Did you know that our Mission and Vision for the French Bilingual/Binational program is on our website, along with answers to FAQs. Visit our website, Main Menu, Learning and then French.

Extra-Curricular News

Junior Lego Club

Junior Lego Club for students in Year 2 is being offered by Lucy and Wenwen on Wednesday mornings at 8:15am in Opie (OSHC building). Information and registrations have closed as we are now at capacity.

Term 3 sessions will be offered to Year 3 students and Term 4 sessions will be offered to Year 1.

We are fortunate to have teachers who are willing to give their time to offer this opportunity.

Further information about our other extra-curricular activities is available: Visit our website, Main Menu, Learning and then Extracurricular.

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Our Front Office team are always happy to help with questions and can be contacted on 08 82719622.