24th November 2023

Highgate Happenings 24/11/2023

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Sports Day

Re-scheduled to Fri 1/12/23 – we hope to see you there. Don’t forget to order your Sports Day energy box from the Canteen.

Scott Rathman – Indigenous artist workshop with Year 5 students this week

On Monday this week, we welcomed indigenous (Arrernte) artist Scott Rathman to Highgate School to work with our Year 5 students, brainstorming ideas for 2 murals for the school. Scott has worked with many schools over the years to create some vibrant representations of students’ ideas about their schools. The theme for these murals at Highgate is our school community. Students had some excellent ideas to represent their feelings and experiences at Highgate School and were very respectful towards our visitor. They asked plenty of questions about his work as an artist and were impressed to hear that it would only take him a day to do a mural on one wall and about 5 days to paint a mural covering all walls in the gym! Perhaps the gym can be a project for the future, but for now, Scott will read through our students’ ideas, plan 2 murals (1 for the wall with the targets on it near the courts and the other inside the library across 4 walls). He is hoping to return to complete the outdoor mural before the end of this term so students can see him in action. Because the library mural will require a bit of furniture movement and some drop cloths, he will tackle that during the holidays. Stay tuned for when the outdoor mural will be completed! We hope to welcome you all back to the library with its student inspired mural in January, 2024.

First Lego League 2023

The excitement and pressure of the competitions is behind us, and I am very happy to announce that Highgate students represented us very well.

The Mario Red Team competed at Scotch College and won first place in the robot run (out of 10 teams). Congratulations to the Mario Team members: Lucy R, Lara V, Arya, Monica, Angus DR, Elia, Clotilde, Olivia L, Linyi & Hannah.

The Luigi Team came second (out of 14 teams) at the robotic part of the competition and won Core Value Awards. They competed at the Riverbanks College. Congratulations to the Luigi Team members:  Manyok, Sut Iao, Chloe HS, Henry MNL, Sebastian MNL, Louis S, Samirah, Chiman, Jason D, Alex B and Kiasha.

Both teams progressed to the National level of the competition 😊

I would like also to mention a small group of students from Year 3 who formed two Lego Explorers Teams. These teams presented their project at Scotch College alongside their older friends. Well done Lego Juniors 😊

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all parents who supported us and to our former students Matilda Ruchs and Emilie March who dedicated their time to assist us in preparation. A special appreciation goes to the parents who volunteered their time during the preparation and on competition days. Your support, shared knowledge, dedication helped us to achieve the amazing results.


Opening of Intensive English Language Classes in 2024

We are pleased to announce that Katharina Kirby has been appointed to oversee the new IELCs (Intensive English Language Classes) in 2024.  These classes will support students arriving in South Australia in our local area who require English instruction before entering mainstream classes either at Highgate, or in local schools.  Following our development, we have classroom spaces to accommodate this and meet the needs of our wider community.

Chinese awards

Last weekend, two of our students received awards at the Australian Voices – Chinese Singing Competition Awards Ceremony. Rosie and Felix each received an award for their entries, recognising their potential in Chinese language. Congratulations Rosie and Felix on your courageous approach to this event!


2024 Calendars – last opportunity to order

Exciting News! 🎉 Announcing the final fundraiser of the year: The Highgate Calendar Fundraiser, locally designed and made by a Highgate mum! 📆 Keep track of school activities, note cherished memories, and support local, all while giving back to our school. Find details on how to get your hands on these special calendars in the attached flyer. Let’s make every day count! 📚💙
Explore the calendars in more detail here:

Order on QkR under FUNDRAISING

Calendar Flyer



Upcoming Events



School Calendar

Check out our school calendar for upcoming events and assemblies.
Highgate Calendar

Highgate School Band

We are playing at the La Guinguette, on Saturday 2/12/23 at 12:30pm. This event is organised by the Alliance Francais at the Unley Village Green. We hope to see you there.

P & F Movie Night – Sunday 10/12/23 at 2pm

Movie night information flyer

$15 per ticket – available in QkR under EVENTS


Please be aware that food box pre-orders will be open later next week.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.


Hamper of Hope donations welcome

This Christmas, The Salvation Army is preparing hampers of non-perishable food items to bring cheer to people in need. To support this worthy cause, we will have Hamper of Hope bags in the library and are asking for students/parents to bring any donations to the library to place in the Hamper of Hope bags before the end of the term. See below for the list of suggested items for donation:

Tinned food (ring-pull cans only) – fruits in juice, vegetables (eg peas, corn), legumes (eg lentils, chickpeas), soups, meat or fish, meals (baked beans, spaghetti).

Sweets and treats – custard powder, tinned plum pudding, shortbread, packets of jelly, chocolate and lollies, pancake mix, cake mixes, sweet biscuits, potato chips, popcorn.

Meal bases – dry pasta, rice, noodles, cooking oil, stir-fry/curry/pasta sauces, meal kits

Breakfast foods – cereal, spreads, savoury biscuits, sugar, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, long life milk or juice, iced tea.

Please make sure the expiry dates are not too soon. Thank you in advance for any donations you are able to make.

Term 4 Assemblies

8/12 9am Year 2 Balanced

15/12 9:15am Leaver’s Assembly – students dismissed at 2.15pm


New Library Management System and Term 4 borrowing

As we continue to develop our library to support students’ recreational and research based reading, we will be upgrading our library management system at the end of the term. The new system will allow parents and students to search our catalogue online at school and from home, as well as to access electronic books from the same system as our library search engine. In addition, the new system will allow users to access the system in a range of languages, including French, Chinese and several other family languages. There are other great features of the new system which will allow us to better support student learning.

In order to implement this new system, we have set the due date for all library books as Friday 24th November. We recognise that there are still three weeks left of school, so students are be able to access books in their classrooms until the end of the term, as well as in the library itself. The new system will be installed during the week ending December 1st. We will complete our stock take using the new system so unfortunately there will be no further borrowing this year. Next year, we will ensure that students are provided with training on how to use the new system and will similarly provide training for parents to access it from home and in the library.









Tips for transitioning to a new classroom or school

Children who have a positive start in their new class are likely to engage well and to experience academic and social success. A positive start is made possible when school and families work together.

A change of class or even school can present opportunities as well as challenges for our children and we know that with supportive adults, the challenges can be effectively managed. We all have a part to play in supporting children to manage this process well. We can do this by reminding them of their previous successful transitions both at school and at home.

We can also reassure children that their teacher will support them to be successful and confident through:

  • Creating the safe conditions for learning.
  • The explicit teaching of routines, roles and expectations in this new environment.
  • Activities that support and develop positive relationships and provide strategies for when ‘mean on purpose or friendship fire’ behaviour occurs.
  • Collaborative development of class agreement of conduct and grievance procedures.
  • Development of class identity and how the group looks when operating at its best (class agreement).
  • Sharing of personal character strengths and intentional teaching of strategies to build wellbeing.

We can also remind children that what will be different in the new class at Highgate school will be small in comparison to what will be the same. We can support them to be realistic about the new class and to look for new opportunities. We can challenge their unhelpful thinking by focusing on what is present as opposed to what is absent.

We can encourage a growth mindset by modelling curiosity and wonder in preparing for the new class. Questions such as those below can activate children’s existing problem solving skills and direct their attention towards a positive future:

  • What do you already know about other class mates?
  • What questions could you ask of your new teacher?

Making a Successful Transition

  • What opportunities might there be to share your passion and be at your best?
  • What might surprise you?
  • What character strengths would be useful in getting to know others?
  • What transitions have you already successfully made?
  • What questions could you have and who do you need to ask?
  • What new friends might you make?
  • What opportunities for new learning might there be in this new class?
  • How could you bring your best self to day one?
  • What would you like others to know about you?

We also know that transition is not a one off or even one week event. We know that all children are capable and competent and can make positive transitions. We work to provide them with the support and scaffolds to develop personal resilience skills that can be called upon when needed. These skills are best taught in the calm times so that when they are in a flurry or stressed, they have a bank of skills to call upon. These include asking questions, practising mindful-ness and recalling prior accomplishments in making positive transitions and so knowing they can do it again.

If children are feeling uncomfortable, we can model the positive belief that the discomfort will be temporary and that they will experience the good feelings that come with learning new names, skills and routines and making a successful transition.


Learning at Highgate


The Highgate School program of inquiry is on display!

Teachers have collaborated all year to create our transdisciplinary program of inquiry. It’s been a big job but we are proud of the program and have it on display outside the library for all to see. I have included an image of it here too. This program shows what students in the different year levels have been learning about this year under the 6 PYP transdisciplinary units of inquiry. We have already begun the process of developing next year’s program of inquiry to ensure students do not repeat the same unit ideas next year in the same way as this year. Please feel free to check out the display outside the library and ask if you have any questions.

Time to reflect on the attributes of the learner profile

Earlier this year, we invited parents to discuss their child(ren)’s and their own goals for the year in terms of the attributes of the learner profile. Whilst we encourage students to reflect throughout the year, approaching the end of the year, is a great time to look back on goals and consider them in light of the events of the year. We would like to encourage you to have a conversation with your child(ren) about themselves in terms of those attributes, to help motivate them to keep working on these attributes and to celebrate their successes through the year. Sometimes, students need some prompting to connect activities, events and outcomes with the attributes, so here are the attribute descriptions and some conversation starters to help you out:

Balanced – Students understand the importance of balance between the different aspects of their life, including physical, academic and emotional aspects. They recognise the interdependence of people and their environments.

Caring – Students are empathetic, compassionate and respectful towards others. They act to positively impact on others and their environment.

Communicator – Students collaborate and express themselves with confidence and creativity in more than one language. They listen actively and consider different perspectives.

Courageous – Students tackle new situations thoughtfully and with determination to work independently or collaboratively with new ideas. They access appropriate resources to innovate and respond to change with resilience towards challenges.

Inquirer – Students nurture their curiosity by learning skills for research, both independently and collaboratively throughout life. They have a passion for learning.

Knowledgeable – Students develop and use their knowledge and understanding across a range of subject areas and apply this to issues and ideas of global and local importance.

Open minded – Students appreciate their own and others’ cultures, histories, traditions and values. They seek different perspectives, to grow from that understanding.

Principled – Students are honest and behave with integrity, fairness and dignity. They appreciate the rights of others everywhere and are responsible for their actions.

Reflective – Students thoughtfully consider theirs and others’ ideas and experiences, working to understand their strengths and weaknesses and thereby develop personally.

Thinker – Students critically and creatively think through problems and ideas. They take initiative to make reasoned, appropriate choices.

In case you are looking for some ideas to start a conversation about the attributes of the learner profile, use the underlined words in the descriptions above to help generate an open ended question, like this:

For a reflective conversation about being principled: Tell me about when you remember being honest and fair at school this year?

For a reflective conversation about being balanced: How have you balanced the physical and academic parts of your life this year?

For a reflective conversation about being a thinker: What kinds of appropriate choices did you make this term at school?

For a reflective conversation about being a communicator: How did you communicate/ collaborate this year at school? / How do you listen actively to others?

For a reflective conversation about being an inquirer: What do you have a passion for learning about? / What were you most excited about learning about this year?

PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program) Parent Sessions

Thank you to the parents who came along to the Unit of inquiry experience sessions earlier this term. In preparation for your child’s Student Learning Journey book being sent home at the end of the year, the remaining parent information sessions will focus on how to interpret and use these records of your child’s learning.

Please remember to book in for the remaining parent sessions via the Eventbrite link sent via Edsmart. The sessions will be as follows:

Getting the most out of your child’s Student Learning Journey:

Wednesday 6th December from 8:30-9:15am or 3pm until 4pm

Further information

We have lots of information about learning at Highgate on our website. Select the main menu button and then Learning.





French Program News


Check out this new app offering free books in French https://app.boukili.ca


Free online games to practise French

Give it a try: https://jeux.ieducatif.fr/

Support the establishment of a bilingual school in WA

Learn more about the project https://fabpsa.au/

Support the project https://fabpsa.au/supporting-us

Did you know that our Mission and Vision for the French Bilingual/Binational program is on our website, along with answers to FAQs. Visit our website, Main Menu, Learning and then French.


Other News

Highgate Snack Shack (Canteen) News

Can you help?  The Snack Shack is looking for volunteers, especially for our special days.  If you can help, please contact the front office.

Do you have ideas for our menu or special days?  We would love to hear from you.  Currently we have a special Sushi Day and Ice Cream day each term, but we are looking for other creative ideas for both our specials and our everyday menu.  If you have ideas you would like to share, please complete this form.

Did you know we are now making our own pizza in the Snack Shack?  We use “light” cheese and ham to make sure they fit with the Right Bite strategy.


Spare Clothes

We have had an increase in students requiring a change of clothes recently. Although we do have an emergency supply in the Front Office we are running low on certain items. If your child has borrowed clothes to change into we ask that you please wash and return these items to the Front Office. Additionally, please check that your child has extra clothes packed in their school bag for any accidents that may occur during the school day, especially during the wet weather.


Sport News


Knockout Tennis

On Monday 20/11, the boys and girls knockout tennis teams headed to Littlehampton Tennis club for a round of matches to qualify for finals day.

Terrifically, both the boys and girls had winning days and will now play off in the finals day on 1/12 at Seacliff Tennis Club.

Boys results:

Highgate def Belair – 6 matches to 0, 36 games to 1

Highgate def Uraidla – 6 matches to 0, 36 games to 0

Highgate def Stirling East – 4 matches to 2, 27 games to 16.

Girls results:

Highgate def Belair – 6 matches to 0, 36 games to 0

Highgate def Saints Girls – 6 matches to 0, 36 games to 4

Highgate def St Martin de Porres – 6 matches to 0, 36 games to 4.

Sport Registrations will open for Cricket & Teeball/Softball soon.

A heads up that Term 1 2024 & Term 4 2024 Summer sports registrations will open in Week 7 on Qkr for Cricket (Year 2-6) and Teeball/Softball (Year 2-6).

Both seasons runs oddly in that it is Term 1 & 4 of a school year.

Any questions,  please direct to Ben.Beazley939@schools.sa.edu.au











External Provider & Community News


External providers are external businesses who run programs/clinics/lessons for students at Highgate School. Other providers are included for your information, but parents should give due consideration to the programs as they are not endorsed by the school.

If you wish your child(ren) to be a part of any of the below programs, please contact them directly.


School of Languages

The School of languages is currently offering 2024 enrolments.  Please see the flyer for more information.


Appleton Sports School Holiday Cricket Academy

Appleton Sports School Holiday Cricket Academy

Code Camp

Code Camp
We are very excited to be running Code Camp at Hightgate School in 2024!I have now created your course for Term 1 and they are on sale on our website.Please find the booking link HERE
All questions should be directed to afterschool@codecamp.com.au.

MissFit Movement – Hip Hop Dance

We are looking forward to another great term of hip hop dance at Highgate School!
To enrol your child, please click HERE or email sara@missfitmovement.com.au
Info for Term 4 sessions below:Day: Fridays (for R-6), Time: 3:30pm – 4:15pm
Location: In the Highgate School gym
Dates: Starts week 1. Final session week 8, parents invited.
Cost: $100 for the 8 weeks, or FREE with your sports voucher. Download here.
Please direct any questions to sara@missfitmovement.com.au or 0410 836 368.

Kelly Sports Term 4 2023

Kelly Sports T4 2023

Foundation Tennis October Holiday Clinics

Foundation Tennis Highgate afterschool program term 4 2023

Holiday Swim

Holiday Swim is a Royal Life Saving Society South Australia initiative bringing affordable and educational swimming and water safety lessons to pools and inland waterway locations across Metro and Regional South Australia since the 1950’s. The aim of the program is to teach children critical life saving skills and basic swimming skills, to equip them with the knowledge to stay safe in, on and around the water.

The aim of keeping the program affordable, is to reach families and communities that might otherwise miss out on the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons, and as we approach the busy Summer months now is the time to equip them with the knowledge to save a life.

The program will be returning in December 2023 and January 2024 with the newly adapted Royal Life Saving Swim & Survive program.

Royal Life Saving also offer pathways into the aquatic industry with their ICONIC Bronze Awards. The Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross , Award of Merit and Distinction levels are designed for those wanting to further their knowledge and skill set, before moving into the aquatic industry as Lifeguards and Swim Teachers within the local communities.


Piano lessons – Chloe Grossman

Fullarton Scouts

If you are a boy or girl aged 6 to 18, come and try Scouts at the Fullarton Scout Group. We are currently recruiting in all age sections, and you and your family are invited to come to our hall at 1A Culross Ave, Myrtle Bank to have a look.

Our Joeys meet Wed at 6.15 to 7.15, Cubs Thurs 7.00 to 8.30, and Scouts Fri 7.00 to 9.00 during school terms.

It costs nothing to come and try, so give it a go!

For more details contact James Gardiner 0488507686 or gl.fullarton@sa.scouts.com.au

World Taekwondo


French Australian Chamber of Commerce (FACCI) event at the Club de Petanque d’Adelaide

7th Dec 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Registration ⇽ SA | Christmas Tchin Tchin at Le Club de Pétanque | French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Glue Up

Alliance Française

La guinguette

Alliance Francaise Adelaide – La Guinguette (af.org.au)


Children’s Art Classes

Fullarton PCC

Sturt Academy Flyer



University of Adelaide – Fun and interactive workshop

No prior knowledge of French required

For more information, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/annual-french-workshop-tickets-518272395687?aff=oddtdtcreator




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