7th July 2023

Highgate Happenings 7/7/2023

Centenary News

Centenary Recipe Book

A reminder to email your family favourites to Highgate.Centenary795@schools.sa.edu.au

Please use a WORD format.

Cut off is Term 3 week 5 (Fri 1/9/23) which will allow time for collation into an illustrated downloadable version.

Centenary Day – Friday 4/8/23

Our aim is to give the students an understanding of some of the ways that children would have experienced school 100 years ago and of course, to celebrate our 100th birthday.

A few things to note:

  • Students, staff (and parents if they wish) are welcome to come dressed in 1920s clothing.
  • Laptops to be left at home as students will be using traditional classroom materials
  • All lessons will be focused on 1920s experiences.
  • All staff to be addressed by title and last name during the day
  • All students will receive a centenary hat on the day.
  • There will be a canteen special.

Here is an outline for the day.


You will see that we will also hold our student discos on this day.

For those of you wondering, we will be having a Centenary theme for our end of year celebrations this year.

We hope that you can join us on this special day. If you happen to know any old scholars, please pass on the invitation to a tour and morning tea at 11:15am.

Hot off the Press………..

Farewell to Emily Roberts

And what a farewell it was! A year on from dealing with the floods, today we had sewage to enjoy on Emily’s last day at Highgate.

We wish Emily every success and much less water at Flagstaff Hill PS.

From Emily: Farewell to everyone at Highgate.  I have had a wonderful time here (with a few adventures thrown in too).  Wishing you and your families all the best! 

Welcome to our new Deputy Principal David Deboar

I am pleased to announce that we will welcome David Deboar to our leadership team next term.  David is currently in a leadership role at Athelstone PS and has extensive experience of curriculum, pedagogy and IB. He has worked in various settings across independent and state schools in Australia, as well as internationally. His international experience includes working in the ‘English’ side of immersion programs in Canada.

Other staffing changes for next term

We welcome Chloe Moore (returning from maternity leave) and Bethany von Doussa who will be teaching Room 19.  We wish Belinda all the best for her new role at Marryatville HS.

We also welcome Grace Young who joins our specialist team teaching Chinese alongside Laura and Patricia Bartholomaeus who will be teaching Technologies on Tuesdays, alongside Lucy.

Vivien is taking some leave for the first 8 weeks of next term and Hayley Handberg will be teaching in Rm 33 alongside Jacqui.

Reports & Portfolios

Semester 1 reports and student learning folders will be sent home together on Wednesday of week 1 next term.  If you would like to have a follow up conversation with teachers about your child’s progress, please contact teachers directly.

School Finance Update

Clare has been working with Nathalie this term and is taking additional training in the holiday period so that she can move into this role.  At the moment, I am working alongside Clare to fix problems and keep on top of the day to day tasks.

This week we have started to check through parent accounts, prioritising those families who have significant outstanding accounts and those to whom we owe refunds.  I thank you for your patience as we do this – as you can imagine, there are a few things on our list. I am aware that many of you have not received regular account statements and invoices and want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to rectify the current situation.

If you do have a question about your school account, please contact dl.1063.finance@schools.sa.edu.au and either Clare or I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you,


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Upcoming Events



School Calendar

Check out our school calendar for upcoming events and assemblies.
Highgate Calendar

Centenary Cocktail Evening – now sold out!

We look forward to a fabulous evening of Centenary celebrations.

Seeking Wine Donations

We are still seeking donations of bottles of wine to use on the Wine Wall at the Centenary Cocktail party. Wine Wall donations can be dropped off at the front office. We would appreciate donations to be made by end of term 2 (Fri 7th July at the latest). Many thanks for your generosity! P & F

Class Parent Reps Catch-up

In the library on Thursday 10/8/23 at 2:30pm.

Book Week is coming up next term!

This year, the theme for Book Week is “Read. Grow. Inspire.” As a result, we are working hard to inspire students to be authors and contribute a piece of writing to our Highgate Authors’ Headquarters. Many students have already completed their pieces of writing in class and some have asked if they can write more at home to add to the space. They certainly can if they want to. We will check contributions to make sure they are appropriate for all students to read. This will be in the Glass Room in the library during Book Week. Students can visit that space during lunch and library times to read each other’s texts. Parents are welcome to visit as well before (8:30-8:55) or after school (3:15-3:30) that week.

Thanks to our Year 5 Library Leaders, various reading and book-related activities will be available during the week for students to engage with. Our Library Leaders have been busy surveying students to find out their favourite books, so there will be something for everyone! Start thinking about a character costume for the Book Character Parade during assembly on Friday, 25th August. Home made creations are VERY welcome. Please do not include weapons such as toy swords or guns in your child’s costume. If your child is likely to be uncomfortable in the costume all day long, please make sure they can independently arrive at an alternative for after the parade.


Student Agency in Action – Pedal Prix Fundraising

We are selling good quality, second-hand books outside the canteen at recess and lunch time from Monday 3/7/23 until Thurs 14/9/23. The books are all donations and prices are between $2-$7.

All money raised will support our Pedal Prix team.

If you would like to support us, please send your child with some money to buy a book. Our little stall will be on the benches outside the Canteen.

So far we have raised around $150.






Wellbeing Update




Odd Socks Day

We all had a great time in our odd socks – thanks for your donations to Get Growing.





Learning at Highgate

We have lots of information about learning at Highgate on our website. Select the main menu button and then Learning. This section will include updates in future editions.

IB, PYP Happenings

Building a reflective culture through the IB and PYP

All IB programs emphasise the importance of reflecting on teaching and learning both during and after units of work. Teachers therefore reflect on their teaching and planning as well as how students have responded and performed in different learning and assessment tasks. Students also reflect on their engagement with and learning about different units of work in all subject areas. We document these reflections, to guide future teaching and learning experiences. Here are some of the students’ reflections on units of work this term:

Reception/Year 1:

“It was fun hefting the drink bottle in Nature play.”

“Sometimes it was hard to compare mass with some objects only with hefting.”

“I want to learn more about Tiger worms.”

Year 3/4:

Carter – I learnt how to take notes and how to read information from maps.

Zuriel – I found it challenging to find all the countries that spoke the same language.

Grace and Violet – I want to find out even more information and how to write a bibliography properly.


Listening to your child read – Hints & Tips

Sometimes it is hard to know how to help your child when they are learning to read, here are a few hints and tips.

In Reception and Year 1, children will mostly bring home a combination of “decodable readers” and library books.  Decodable readers include words that contain the letters and sounds your child has learned and practised at school.  When they are reading these to you, try to do the following:

  • Give your child plenty of time to sound out the letters and blend them into words.
  • Some words can’t be sounded out, for example: you, said, could, some. You can help your child to read these by asking them to sound out the parts they know, for example ‘s’ and ‘d’ in ‘said’. Tell your child the tricky bit ‘ai’ is read as ‘e’ to make the word ‘said’.
  • Allow your child to try and work out tricky words by themselves. If they can’t, give them the word and ask them to repeat it a few times until they can remember it.
  • Don’t forget lots of praise too – let your child know what they did well e.g. “I really like the way you sounded out and worked out the tricky word in that sentence”.

When your child brings home a library book, reading this together can be a special time.  While you are reading to your child, you can talk together about the book.  You might like to ask them questions like:

  • What do you think will happen next?
  • Why did you think the character did that?
  • What would you do next if you were in this story?
  • Or, if it is a non-fiction(factual) book, you could ask them their favourite fact, or what new piece of information they have learned.




French Program News

Volunteers needed

If you have completed your volunteer requirements and you have some time to come read with students in FRENCH, please contact Genevieve.  This could mean listening to students read in French or even sharing one of your favourites with a class.

A bit time poor, but would like to share a book?  Organise to video yourself reading and share with Genevieve. Alternatively, come in at school for support with filming.


Bastille Day

Celebrate the French national day in style!

Celebration Lunch @ Garçon Bleu 14 July 2023 https://www.sofiteladelaide.com.au/sofitel-occasions/bastille-day/

Celebration Dinner @ A prayer for the wild at heart with French classics 14 and 15 July https://www.aprayerforthewildatheart.com.au/events-functions

Involve the children in the celebration @ the Goodwood Institute  16 July 2023 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bastille-day-2023-tickets-648550310437

Have family time @ Adelaide Central Market 14 and 15 July 2023 https://adelaidecentralmarket.com.au/event/bastille-day-market-save-date/

C’est si bon – Dinner and French variety show with Lou Blackwell 14 July 2023 https://thegov.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/7329bd10-7b95-44c6-b843-eb7d10bcb091?Event=167869

Did you know that our Mission and Vision for the French Bilingual/Binational program is on our website, along with answers to FAQs. Visit our website, Main Menu, Learning and then French.


Other News

Highgate Snack Shack (Canteen) News

Can you help?  The Snack Shack is looking for volunteers, especially for our special days.  If you can help, please contact the front office.

Do you have ideas for our menu or special days?  We would love to hear from you.  Currently we have a special Sushi Day and Ice Cream day each term, but we are looking for other creative ideas for both our specials and our everyday menu.  If you have ideas you would like to share, please complete this form.

Did you know we are now making our own pizza in the Snack Shack?  We use “light” cheese and ham to make sure they fit with the Right Bite strategy.


2024 Enrolments

We are open for 2024 enrolments at all year levels, with some remaining spaces for this year. The department has relaxed restrictions around zoning and we are able to accept out-of-zone enrolments where capacity exists. If you have children at Kindy/Pre-school and intend to enrol them with us, please make sure that you have completed an EOI.


Spare Clothes

We have had an increase in students requiring a change of clothes recently. Although we do have an emergency supply in the Front Office we are running low on certain items. If your child has borrowed clothes to change into we ask that you please wash and return these items to the Front Office. Additionally, please check that your child has extra clothes packed in their school bag for any accidents that may occur during the school day, especially during the wet weather.


Sport News


Girls Knockout AFL Round 2

On Monday 3/7, the girls AFL team headed to Glandore Oval to play Aldgate and Black Forest in round 2 of knockout AFL.

The girls had plenty of possession, but unfortunately found scoring difficult.

Highgate 1.5 (11) vs Aldgate 3.1 (19)

Highgate 3.0 (18) vs Black Forest 5.9 (39)

Team photo below.

Boys Knockout AFL Round 2

On Tuesday 4/7, the boys headed to Woodend Primary School to take on Woodend and St Francis de Sales in round 2 AFL.

The boys were terrific in both matches with their effort and concentration and were deserving winners in both matches.

Highgate 9.9 (63) vs Woodend 6.5 (41)

Highgate 14.3 (87) vs St Francis de Sales 7.7 (49).

The boys now move into the 3rd round and play Willunga on 18/8.

Team photo below.

Term 3 sees the continuation of knockout sports in Boys AFL/Netball and Girls Netball/Soccer.

We also have Table Tennis championships, Basketball Carnival, Volleyball Carnival and District Athletics.

External Provider News

External providers are external businesses who run programs/clinics/lessons for students at Highgate School.

If you wish your child(ren) to be a part of any of the below programs, please contact them directly.

World Taekwondo

Code Camp

Code Camp
We are excited to be back at Highgate School for Term 3!
Flyer – Code Camp After-School – Highgate SchoolThe booking link is HEREThe dates and timings for Term 3 sessions:Class Type: Coding (Years 2-6)Day: Fridays in the Science RoomDates: 4th August to 22nd SeptemberTimes: 3:30pm-4:45pmWe are looking forward to continuing the students’ tech journey with Code Camp!
All questions should be directed to afterschool@codecamp.com.au.

MissFit Movement – Dance


Please direct any questions to Sara Pettet at sara@missfitmovement.com.au or 0410 836 368.

Community News

Sturt Academy Flyer pdf

Sturt Academy Flyer


Christmas Pageant Mini Float Competition


Movie Screening

Children aged 9 and over, and their parents are invited to a free screening of Embrace Kids during the July School Holidays (Monday 10th July and Friday 21st July).


This is a free event, where attendees will be invited to complete a brief questionnaire before and after the film as part of a Flinders University research initiative to evaluate the impact of the film. Participation in this research is voluntary.



Contact Us

Please visit our website at Highgate School for calendar dates and further information about our school.

Our Front Office team are always happy to help with questions and can be contacted on 08 82719622.