Highgate School Intranet

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4 Hampstead Avenue, Highgate SA 5063. Phone: (08) 8271 9622 Fax: (08) 8373 6075

EdPass Portal and logon instructions

From the portal you can access your Outlook Web Email, Sentral (for teachers), Wheelers eLibrary (for all), Google (Classroom, Drive, Calendar etc), Adobe, Canva, Microsoft 365 apps, and the school library system Accessit.

School Library System – Staff and Students

Staff and Years 3 to 6 Students

Use the Accessit Tile in EdPASS.

Alternative Method especially for Reception to Year 2 students

Click on the Accessit link below. If it says “Guest” then click on “Guest” and then select “Login via SSO” to go through the usual EdPASS login and use your account (Shared account for Reception to Year 2 Students).


You may browse as a guest.





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