Learning / Special Events

Science Week – Term 3 Week 5

The theme for the 2023 Science Week was ‘Innovation for future business’. With that in mind, we celebrated the success of our Oliphant Science Award entrants. Students confidently presented their projects to parents and their peers, explaining their work in great detail. Congratulations to our 2 winners this year: Clara (R-2) and Mikhil (3-4). In addition, Claire , Noah H and Patrick (R-2) were highly commended, along with Adelaide , Macy and Charlotte (3-4). Well done to ALL of the Highgate School Oliphant Science awards participants and thank you to the parents who supported our young scientists.

During the week, buddy classes set to work to design a chair for a teacher of their choice. These designs were based on teacher profiles and by all accounts, were highly innovative and specifically tailored to meet teachers’ requirements, including features like a treadmill for the teacher and her pet dogs, an Adelaide Crows colour palette and various types of storage to accommodate teachers’ hobbies. Innovation opportunities continued at lunch times, with a paper plane challenge. Students used their research skills to find ways to innovate their paper planes and practised throwing techniques to increase the distance their planes could fly. We were impressed with their persistence and the distances their planes were able to reach! In addition, students enjoyed hearing stories from the Space Station and working on their creative thinking skills throughout the week.