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STEM Opportunities

STEM Opportunities

Students at Highgate are offered extra-curriculum activities which extend their interests and broaden their experiences.

Halfway through the year, two teams are formed in preparation for First Lego League Competition. Highgate has a strong history of successful participation at the state and national level.

Students participating have an opportunity to solve real life problems, build connections with industry, understand the basics of STEM and apply their skills in an exciting competition while building habits of learning, confidence, and teamwork skills along the way.

A schedule for extra curriculum STEM activities in 2024

Technology Room (Opie House)

Term 1

Robotics for Y4-6 Friday 8:15am (from Week 3)

Term 2

Robotics for Y4-6 Friday 8:15am (from Week 1)

Lego Club for Y2 Wednesday 8:15am (from Week 2)

Term 3

Robotics (FLL) by invitation only Friday 8:15am (from Week 1)

Lego Club for Y3 Wednesday 8:15am (from Week 2)

Term 4

Robotics (FLL) by invitation only Friday 8:15am (from Week 1)

Lego Club for Y1 Wednesday 8:15am (from Week 2)


To run these activities successfully, volunteers support is needed. Please register as a volunteer to assist the students and me.

No experience required😊

Lucy Jachacy


Oliphant Science Awards

As a school we also encourage and coordinate participation in Oliphant Science Awards which is an annual competition for South Australian school students that aims to support and celebrate science education within South Australian schools. The competition is open to students in Reception through to year 12 and includes a range of categories to suit a wide variety of abilities and interests. More information on this year competition is available on the SASTA website:

Oliphant Science Awards

More information and registration details are accessible through the EdSmart app, posters or in person at the Technology Room (Opie).

The successful delivery of extra-curriculum programs would not be possible without parents volunteering their time and energy to support our students. We are always very grateful for their commitment.