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EdPass Portal and the EdProtect Home Internet Filter


Signing in to your EdPass Portal will allow you, without further signing in, to access to many of online applications: Mail and Office 365 (including Word online and your OneDrive storage account), the eBook library Wheelers, Google Classroom and Adobe Creative Cloud.

When you sign on to a laptop whilst on the Highgate School Network, you are automatically authenticated to EdPass and can access all your online apps.

However, when you are at home, you will need to specifically log on to your EdPass Portal.

Opening Google Chrome will automatically bring up a EdPass Portal tab. The first time you log on you may see the generic EdPass Login Screen as below:

Make sure “Remember my site” is ticked. Type in “Highgate” and you will see

and select Highgate School and you will see the following screen:

At this screen type in the same username and password you use to log in to your laptop: your username will be of the form albert.einst (your first name followed by a full stop and then the first five characters of your surname). You will then see your familiar EdPass Page

Subsequently your browser will remember you belong to Highgate School and present the Highgate School Edpass logon page.




EdProtect – Out of School Internet Filtering using Global Protect

Provided by the Department for Education


Web Filtering will be enabled on all Student laptops while they are used outside of the school network, for example at home or Guest Wi-Fi networks.

Purpose of EdProtect

The main purpose is to reduce the risk of students accessing malicious or inappropriate web pages and downloads when they are not at school but using school-supplied laptops.

How does it work

School-supplied laptops have the Global Protect application installed which automatically connects to Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks, collectively this solution is EdProtect. Prisma Access filters web browsing and applications, preventing access to explicit and malicious content. It also enforces Safe Search on Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo.

When will EdProtect be enabled

EdProtect is enabled on all student laptops.

The GlobalProtect application will be automatically enabled whenever a student laptop is not at school and is connected to Wi-Fi or ethernet.

How to login

The GlobalProtect application will authenticate the student via EdPass to ensure that reports are matched with the student and appropriate filtering is applied.

GlobalProtect will automatically sign using the students EdPass credentials when it is first started at school.

Occasionally GlobalProtect may prompt for login details, if this occurs the student will need to enter their EdPass username and password. This may occur if the laptop has not been used for 30 days or if they have not previously logged on.

If a student does not log on when prompted by GlobalProtect, a pop-up will appear advising their internet access is blocked until they logon.

Please connect to home WiFi before logging into the computer

Troubleshooting – if internet is blocked whilst the student is out of school

This scenario should not occur if the student is regularly using their laptop at school. However, we provide some instructions should issues occur. For issues during term time, please ask your student to request their teacher raise an IT ticket.


Steps to connect to the internet whilst out of the school network

You should not need to do these steps – Global Protect Prisma should connect automatically if (1) you login at school and (2) your computer is connected to Wi-Fi before logging in.

Before logging in, connect the laptop to Wi-Fi by selecting the network icon, selecting the Wi-Fi network and entering the credentials. You may now see the following request on the Edge Browser for you to enter your EdPass Details. Follow the instructions to login to EdPass as shown above.

As discussed above, as you are not at school, the EdPass selector shown above does not know which school you belong to. Type in Highgate and then select Highgate School and tick “remember my site”.  Now you will get our familiar EdPass screen

Enter the same username and password as you would to log on to the computer e.g. albert.einst

After a while you will see


You can now open Chrome Browser, log on to EdPass to see your Apps, and access the internet.

Global Protect Prisma will remember your details for 30 days. Should you visit the school in that time, they will be refreshed.

If the above fails, the Global Protect cache may need to be cleared. How to clear the Global Protect cache.