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Maintaining School Laptops

Maintaining School Laptops

Please ensure that if you are moving your laptop, it is securely stored in its case. Do not walk around with your laptop out of its case.

Some of the student laptops are running Windows 10, some are running Windows 11. If you are running Windows 10, please do not upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, as there are some issues with Windows 11, particularly if you upgrade this way.

Please report immediately any problems or issues on your device by filling out the following form:

Highgate Device Repair Form

As a reminder to students and parents regarding school laptops, the following are the agreement forms for laptops issued in 2023:

Highgate School Laptop Agreement Year 4 2023
Highgate School Laptop Agreement Year 5 2023
Highgate School Laptop Agreement Year 6 2023

How to perform security updates for Windows 11 Laptops

We are currently not offering updates to Windows 11 updates through the school servers. Please check for updates once a week at home as internet bandwith at school is limited.

How to update Windows 11 laptops

How to perform security updates for Windows 10 Laptops

The laptops that the school has provided for students in Years 4 to 6 need to be updated regularly to avoid being compromised by viruses and to update the operating system and software installed in the laptop. If the laptop is regularly brought to school it will obtain the updates through the school server. If the laptop is not brought to school, for example, during periods of lockdown or long school holidays, then you will need to do the following each week: