Learning / Specialist Subjects

STEM (Technologies)

STEM (Technologies)

Students at Highgate attend Technology lessons once a week.

During that time, they are provided with practical, project base experiences that are both engaging and challenging and help to improve students’ achievement and better prepare them to live, learn and work in the future.

Design and Digital Technologies as well as Media Arts curriculums give us a framework to create activities in which students are innovative developers of digital solutions, develop computational thinking and use design thinking approach when solving a real life problems.

Units of work incorporate a diverse range of topics including robotics, coding, game and logo designing, 3D modelling,media and food production.


We are very fortunate to occupy a new and well-equipped space. Students and teachers have access to Lego systems (Spike, EV3 and WeDo); programmable boards (Micro:bits, MakeyMakey); 3D printers and VR sets. Recently, we started to develop a small veggie garden project.

Students are also offered to participate in Coding club to extend their interest and knowledge.