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In 2024, we are introducing Toddle, which is an internationally renowned, safe, digital platform for sharing student learning with families. Our Reception to Year 2 classes are using Toddle in Semester One, 2024, so students can share their learning with their family members and thereby provide a visual context for conversations about the school day and progress at school. It supports families to engage in meaningful discussions with their child(ren) about their learning experiences at the time as well as to easily refer back to earlier tasks via an app. In addition, it is an efficient way for teachers to share announcements to families and to identify upcoming assessment tasks. Student Learning Journeys for students in Reception to Year 2 will be shared via Toddle in 2024 as an environmentally friendly portfolio of student progress.

Toddle helps keep everyone aware of current units of inquiry, including key subject areas and focus points. With a little coaching, students will be able to upload their learning tasks including audio explanations of their work, pending approval by their teacher. This platform therefore provides a more comprehensive snap shot of student thinking and learning, compared with paper alone. Our Year 3-6 families will begin using Toddle in Semester Two, 2024.

For further information on this application and how to use it, please see this PDF, or contact your child’s teacher.

View the sample toddle invitation.