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About OSHC

About Out of School Hours Care

The Highgate Out of School Hours Care Service (Highgate OSHC) operates from the Highgate School grounds. It offers regular Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care for the children of Highgate School and the wide community.

The programmed activities are designed to meet the interests of children aged 5-12 years. Children are offered the opportunity to participate in leisure and recreation activities (eg. art, craft, games, sports) in a ‘home-like’ atmosphere. The program and it’s experiences are program-based on documentation of previous activities and the learning framework for school age, ‘My Time, Our Place’.

The Highgate School Governing Council is the Approved Provider of Highgate School OSHC Service. The OSHC Advisory Committee, comprised of a representative from Governing Council, the OSHC Director, Highgate School Principal and Finance Officer and a family representative, supports the overall management and administration of the service.

Our Staff Team

Director – Cluny Fenner

Assistant Director – Jordan Rees

Responsible Persons – Leena Maio, Millie Lane, Georgie McColl

Educators – Aedan Lyon, Ally Murphy, Caitlin Harrington, Charlotte Horgan, Finn Walsh, James Bondarenko, Jess Wildy, Louisa White, Maya Butcher, Olivia Baker, Olivia Quinn, Phoebe Bonner, Sarah Harrap, Sophie Bonner, Tilly Albrecht, Titan Austin-Chenhall, Wenwen Dong, Ziggy Taylor

Service Philosophy

Highgate Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) aims to provide the children and the wider School community with a high level of professional care for children outside of school hours.

Highgate OSHC’s philosophy is based on duty of care, responsibility and ethical action, where the primary interest is the safety and wellbeing of children and their families as well as the staff. In order to achieve these aims, the OSHC Director, educators, School Principal(s) and Advisory Committee will;

1.1       Provide children with a safe and nurturing environment.

1.2       Behave in an ethical, equitable manner at all times, showing respect for all individuals.

1.3       Understand the needs of children of different ages, cultures and family backgrounds and provide diverse experiences that take these differences into account.

1.4       Create a program that takes into account children and families’ voices.

1.5       Provide an environment where children are happy and secure, whilst providing opportunities to foster moral development, build friendships and develop an overall sense of wellbeing.

1.6       Develop positive relationships between staff, families/caregivers and children, with an emphasis on clear, professional and regular communication between families/caregivers and staff.

1.8       Seek regular feedback and input to ensure that the service is committed to continually improving.