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Sports: Years 2 – 6

After School Sport Registrations

Sports Available for Years 2-6

  • Term 1 and Term 4 of the same year – Summer Season: Cricket and Softball/Tee-ball (Year 1s are able to play)
  • Term 2-3 – Winter Season: AFL Football, Soccer, Hockey/Minkey, Basketball, Volleyball (Years 4-6), Pedal Prix (Years 4-6) and Netball
  • Term 4 and following year term 1 – Summer Season: Basketball, Netball, Volleyball (Years 4-6)

Please be aware:

Matches for Basketball, Volleyball and Hockey/Minkey are held on weeknights.
Matches for Cricket, Softball, Winter Netball, AFL Football and Soccer are held on Saturday mornings.
For more information read Sport at Highgate School (280KB, PDF Document)

  • All registration is done online through the App Qkr.
  • All alerts and notices will come via email using Edsmart.
  • All late enrolments are at the discretion of the After Hours Sports Coordinator and in consultation with coaches.
  • All sports teams are organised and coached by volunteer parents. If the team does not have a coach post registrations, the team cannot be entered in for competition.
  • All sports registered for are for a two term commitment. The cost associated for each registration is $100.
  • Highgate offers school sporting tops for loan for all sports excluding cricket and is covered by the registration fee.

All trainings and times for training are dependent upon volunteer support.

Time Commitment

Once a child has registered for a team they are expected to be committed to that team for the entire season (excepting for unavoidable extenuating circumstances).


  • Training times are dependent on volunteer coach availability and team programs.
  • This information will be distributed close to the start of the season by the coaches/ team managers.
  • We ask families to be patient as this takes some time to organise.
  • Please only contact the Sports Coordinator if it is an urgent matter.
  • Any changes to times throughout the season will be communicated to you through coaches/team managers and/or the Sports Administrator.
  • All sports teams traditionally have one training session per week.
  • Parents and Caregivers must ensure that students have a drink bottle, some snacks and the appropriate sports gear and protective equipment if applicable.

Uniform Requirements

All players must be in the same registered uniform.

  • AFL Football – Boots, Red Football Socks, Green Football Shorts and Mouth Guard. Guernseys provided by the school
  • Basketball – Green shorts without pockets, sneakers and mouth guard optional. Singlets provided by the school
  • Soccer – Boots, Red Socks, Shin Guards, Green Shorts without pockets. Tops provided by the school
  • Cricket – Cricket whites, hat, sneakers, protector box (compulsory). Other protective gear and bats provided by the school
  • Master Blaster Cricket – Highgate School uniform, hat, sneakers
  • Softball – Green shorts or leggings, Red socks mouth guards (compulsory). Glove and playing shirt provided by the school.
  • Hockey/Minkey – Red Socks, Green Shorts, Mouthguard, Shin Pads, Sneakers (boots optional). Tops and Hockey Stick provided by the school
  • Netball – Sneakers, White Socks, green under briefs. Supplied Green/Red Dress to be worn for all games
  • Volleyball – Green shorts without pockets, sneakers. Tops provided by the school


Hot weather

  • Outdoor trainings for the day shall be cancelled if the forecast temperature on BOM is 36 degrees or above.
  • Before school training continues due to the milder temperatures at that time of the day.
  • Saturday and Sunday morning outdoor sports shall be cancelled if at 12pm on BOM, the day prior to matches, the forecast temperature is for 36 degrees or above.
  • The continuance of indoor and weekday outdoor matches will be determined by the relevant association body’s hot weather policy

Wet weather

  • Training may be cancelled at the coach’s discretion, on communication to parents/caregivers, if conditions are excessively wet. In such cases, parents/caregivers are also requested to make contact with the coach to check.
  • If conditions deteriorate during training or games such that they are cancelled mid-way, coaches or responsible adults shall remain with the children until such time as they are picked up by parents/caregivers.

See ‘Life. Be in it’ Weather Policy for Midweek Sport.



Highgate School Sports Coordinator:
Ben Beazley Sports.Highgate906@schools.sa.edu.au