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Student Voice and Agency

At Highgate School, we actively encourage students to be positive contributors to both the school and the wider community. We have many examples of student-led initiatives and these are often linked to units of inquiry, but also arise from student interest and commitment to a particular cause.  For more information about this, click here Community.

Each year, SRC vote on the charities/projects to be supported by student fundraising.

At the end of the school year, we run student elections for Senior Exec and other leadership positions. The elected students work closely with school leadership to discuss student suggestions and agree actions. They also run SRC meetings, host assemblies, act as ambassadors and contribute to Governing Council and other committees.

This year, our new leaders attended a leadership workshop day with students from other local schools.  This proved highly valuable and will continue to be a part of our SRC induction program each year.

In 2023, our Student Exec team include:

Antra, Hallie, Hannah, Hunter, Jude and Sophie

We also have;

Marnie and Lexie –  Environment reps

Lilou and Ava – Bilingual reps

Monty and Daisy –  Wellbeing reps

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council for years 2-6 consists of two representatives from each class. They have a two term office and then another two students are elected. The SRC reps from each class meet with the Student Exec to raise discussion points from their classes and facilitate information sharing.

Sports Leaders

Each year, students vote for their Sports Leaders.  The role of the Sports Leader is to support their teams on Sports Day and to organise events for students during the year, in collaboration with the Sports Co-ordinator. The four school teams are:

Patpa meaning ‘South’ (blue), Kauwanta meaning ‘North’ (red), Marri meaning ‘East’ (yellow) and Wangka meaning ‘West’ (green).